SAILOR Fleet33

The all-time reliable SAILOR


The SAILOR Fleet33 is the most reliable communication solution for fishing vessels, workboats medium sized yachts and sailing boats. It offers proven technology for reliable voice telephony, fax, e-mail and internet all over the world.


Even though the system is permanently connected online, you only pay for data actually transmitted and received; making the SAILOR Fleet33 a highly cost-effective communicatins equipment to operate. The unique MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service) has the advantage of vastly reduced connection times, speeding the process of downloading e-mails and other data files.


    * Phone, fax, e-mail and internet
    * 9.6 kbps fax/data
    * Mini-M voice
    * Global coverage (with exception for the poles) 
    * Light weight and compact design     
    * Units only connected by a single cable     
    * Rapid configuration via handset or PC     
    * Easy mini-M retrofit due to compatible antenna footprint and cable     
    * External ringer     
    * Pay only for the amount of data you send or receive via MPDS