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  • Math – Get In depth Help With Math And Fun Math Games For Kids, Geometry, Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics. Plus Calculators to solve complex Math problems like Algebra. These Calculator also show you how to solve complex problems.
  • Science – In depth coverage of Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Science and Technology, Science Encyclopedia. Plus Learn how stuff works in science and access to cliff notes, Periodic Tables in Chemistry and that all important Unit Converter tool.
  • English – Access To English Cliff & Spark Notes, Grammar & Citation Help, Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, Resource & Documentation.
  • History – Learn With Digital History, History Matters, Eye Witness To History, Having Fun With History & Best Of History Websites.
  • Tutoring – Access to online tutors and learning centers and much more with this Browser Add-On.

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