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StudyHQ Flashcards

A Great Way To Study

Get a head start and download this study flashcards toolbar Now! - you'll like it.

Get a head start and download this study flashcards toolbar Now! – you’ll like it.

Homework Help Simplified…

The StudyHQ toolbar gives you three options to using it’s flashcards tool.

  • Make Your Own Flashcards.
  • Printout your Flashcards.
  • Study online with Hundreds of StudyHQ Pre-made School Sets Flashcards.

What’s Great About Study Flashcards!


Flashcards have been used for decades to help people of all ages learn. Whether you are using them to teach your child the alphabet or you want to learn a foreign language, flash cards can help.

Flashcards or Flash cards is a set of cards bearing information, as words, numbers or pictures on them. Each card has one question on one side and one answer on the other side.

Flashcards are designed for gaining a rapid response from pupils when held up briefly by a teacher, parent, and study partner(s).

Flashcards are used especially in reading, arithmetic, vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format.

With The StudyHQ Flashcard Tool you can:

Study Flashcards Online – This is a great way for students to study hundreds of pre-made flashcard sets or ones they have created themselves to study online assuming you have internet connection. With a computer or laptop you can study on your own, with a parent, friend or in a study group anywhere, any place, any time.

Download the StudyHQ Toolbar from right here!

Create Your Own Flashcards – Although the StudyHQ toolbar has hundreds of flashcards on many subjects that you can use instantly, their will be times when you will want to tailor your flashcards for a specific test or exam. Here the StudyHQ tool makes creating your own cards quick and easy.  You can study your cards sets on line or print them out to study anytime, anywhere you don’t have your laptop or internet access.

Printable flash cards – One good reason to printout your flashcards is in times where you may not have a laptop or Internet Connect that is convenient to you.

The StudyHQ tool allows you to make printable flashcards the size of a deck of cards to carry with you in your pocket or purse in order to study any where any time. This also makes it easy for young kids to study with their parents.

Plus if you are with a friend studying the same material, you can study together. – This makes it more fun!

StudyHQ Flashcard toolbar is a great way to use Flashcards. This toolbar is located on your browser as an extension. It a quick way to go through your flashcards anywhere you have your laptop with you. At home, you can quickly bring up your flashcards on your computer when you have a few minutes.

In any case, the StudyHQ Flashcard tool gives you the ability to study on your own (Online),Create Your Own Cards and or the ability to Printout your cards.

Download the StudyHQ Toolbar from right here!